Builders of Integrity

Choose the Right Home Builder

When shopping for a new home, there is nothing more important than selecting the right builder. For many, this decision can feel overwhelming, and understandably so. How do you know which builders are honest and reliable, or more importantly, how do you find a builder of integrity? QBW can help in this process. Builders in the QBW program have been carefully screened and every builder applicant undergoes a vetting process that has been refined over three decades in an effort to ensure confidence not only for homebuyers but for QBW as well.

QBW vets each builder for:

Technical knowledge

Each builder that QBW works with must have the technical expertise in every aspect of new home construction. This allows homebuyers to know that the home they are purchasing was completed in the highest of technical standards.


Every home covered by QBW was completed by a builder that has adhered to rigorous standards. This ensures the Homebuyer is getting the best product possible. After all, great homes require great builders.

Financial Stability

Not only does QBW require knowledge and skill in the field, but also a strong financial foundation. QBW examines its builders’ financial positions to ensure strength, solvency, and longevity. Every builder must undergo this review first to become a member of the QBW program and again annually to maintain membership.

Why the in-depth builder vetting process?

The 10-year new home warranty industry began in the United States in 1975 as a method to restore integrity to the homebuilding industry by only doing business with the best builders. Although most warranty companies now serve a different purpose, QBW has maintained the original intent of the industry by continuing to do business with only those builders who hold the highest standards of quality construction and customer service.

Choosing the Right Home Builder

The process of choosing the right builder is significant but it doesn’t have to be burdensome. QBW evaluates and examines builders so you don’t have to. Look for a builder that bears the QBW logo so you can enjoy the rest of the home buying process.