Why Choose QBW?

Join a network of the best builders in the nation

When you become a member of QBW you join an organization comprised of the best builders in the country. By proudly displaying the QBW logo on your website you have the ability to showcase to any potential buyer that you were vetted by a home warranty organization that holds its members to the highest standards. Members not only receive a benchmark to demonstrate their quality, but also benefits such as:

Enhance your marketability, create a boost in closed sales, and increase buyer confidence

Membership in the QBW program provides a unique advantage that is easily recognized by homeowners. The trust instilled with our warranty not only adds value for homebuyers when they’re choosing a builder, but it also improves customer relations long after the buying process.

Overcoming buyer skepticism is not an easy task, and understandably so. When making a big investment, buyers are looking for the highest quality. A QBW warranty builds trust and reassurance at the beginning of the home buying process, showing that your company is committed to building a home with excellent workmanship, guaranteed for 10 years. Essentially, our reputation for high screening standards and consumer trust make you look better and give buyers more confidence.

Limit Your overall liability and increase your customer support

If you don’t know who is backing your warranty, how will your homebuyers? QBW is backed by Liberty Mutual, a household name. QBW is the only warranty program to be backed by a nationally licensed insurance company, the size of Liberty Mutual. Groups operating under the Risk Retention Act can transfer liability back to the builder. With our insurer, your liability is reduced to two years.
QBW values both your company and your customers, striving for a satisfying experience for all concerned.

QBW warranty standards use clearly stated language so that the customer and superintendents can understand the coverage and avoid any confusion. Also, QBW not only assists customers with questions, but If disputes do arise, our complaint resolution process quickly and efficiently resolves the issue. This process keeps you out of court and allows you to focus on your business. QBW’s process has been recognized by builders as one of the best in the industry to eliminate confrontation and maintain good relationships with your homeowners.

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