Offer What They Want

When a homeowner walks into a model home, they can only judge what’s on the surface. Our program conveys the full quality of your construction, even the parts customers can’t see. The exclusivity of our membership assures homebuyers that you are a builder of integrity, and when a buyer trusts your integrity, it’s easy to gain their loyalty.

Additionally, QBW helps you to market yourself to potential homebuyers by providing them with significant benefits when they buy a home from you. Here’s what your customers can gain by purchasing their home from a QBW member.

Confidence- Homeowners know that QBW builders are among the best in the country because of our rigorous screening process.

Insurance Discounts- Liberty Mutual recognizes the integrity of QBW builders and as a result offers discounts on Home and Auto insurance to your buyers. The money customers can save will easily pay for the warranty.

Resale Value- Unlike other warranties, QBW’s coverage is automatically transferrable at no cost to subsequent buyers for the 10-year period.

Peace of Mind- We will provide your team with training to effectively communicate to potential buyers how you became a Builder of Integrity and that one of the oldest insurance companies in the country stands behind your reputation.