QBW Membership

Membership in QBW’s program gives you advantages over your competition

As a home builder, your company and product are top quality and you want your partnerships and business memberships to reflect that. Becoming a member of the Quality Builders Warranty program will make you a part of an organization comprised of some of the best builders in the country.

QBW gives you a strong advantage over your competition. As a member, your customers know that they’re getting quality in craftsmanship and reputation because the most exclusive warranty company in the industry has vetted your organization.

What benefits does QBW Membership give Home Builders?

  • Get recognized in the home building industry as a leader in upholding quality standards at the highest level.
  • Get the QBW member’s logo on your website, along with a link to the QBW website where customers can get more information about the warranty products available to them.
  • Add coverage to your homes with the only warranty backed by Liberty Mutual, a well-known, nationally licensed insurance company.
  • Have QBW manage customer conflict, allowing you to maintain a strong relationship with your homeowners.
  • Access to a member’s only website to review and manage your homes.

Become a QBW Member

The process of screening is straightforward and easy, giving you a fast track to having a great marketing tool for your company and enhancing the customer experience for your homeowners.

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Link Your Website to QBW

To further advertise your QBW membership and communicate your integrity, link your website to ours. The link will also provide your purchasers with the opportunity to view the Maintenance Tips Section and Exclusive Discounts. Linking instructions can be accessed here.