Customer Service

QBW’s Member Services Makes Your Job Easier

QBW is dedicated to its members. Each of our services is designed to help your business run smoothly by streamlining operations and facilitating better relationships between you and your customers. With an account representative assigned to every member, we do everything in our power to make your job easier.

QBW Direct
QBW’s online home-enrollment system was the first of its kind in the industry. Our site allows members to access their individual accounts whenever the need arises. We streamline the process for you with electronic warranty requests, inventory tracking, and instant messaging for times when you are too busy to call. Your sales and administrative teams will be able to access and print whatever paperwork they need for settlement, without delays or overnight mail.

Complaint Handling
Avoid costly court battles by letting an experienced warranty company mediate issues between you and the homeowner. QBW’s three-step complaint resolution process is simple and efficient – designed to reduce friction in the homeowner/builder relationship, while saving both parties time and money. If the builder and homeowner cannot resolve the dispute on their own, QBW will review the claim and assign an investigator, if necessary. If the dispute is still unsettled, QBW will arrange for mandatory arbitration between the two parties, which is legally binding. The complaint resolution process is clearly stated in the warranty agreement, so both parties know what is expected of them. *

SOS (Service Online Solution)
SOS is an online service coordinator that streamlines the way homeowner service requests are received, addressed, and resolved. SOS notifies homeowners of warranty standards and automatically sends their requests to the appropriate subcontractor, while emailing updated reports to the builder. Communication is simplified and time is preserved, allowing relationships between homeowners and builders to remain at their best.

* In the state of New Jersey, election of remedies applies.